Assetou . Wedding Planner . New York

What we noticed right after this extraordinary slender silhouette that stretches to the sky, it's this huge smile and wonderful laugh. Sublime blend of History and Culture, somewhere between Mali and Spain, between Paris and New York.

Graduate in Communications, passionate about Event Planning, Assetou multiplied her professional experiences as Press Relations Manager and Event Coordinator for companies as diverse as prestigious, AOL Time Warner, Stade de France, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF. She was in her element when organizing an opening, managing 300 journalists or writing press releases. Laughing she explains the last few minutes of the setup, always intense, always different, the essence of an event.

She came to New York with the same state of mind, curious, passionate, in her element, in this paradise of Communications and Networking. She felt good and got inspired by the creative energy of the city of entrepreneurs. She set herself a new challenge by founding her own Event Planning Agency, New York Paris Connection. A wedding in Saint Barthelemy, a private tour of the Met, a cocktail at the Statue of Liberty, New York opens its secret doors to her as the Bride and Groom open their heart to her. Because when she gives you her smile, her energy, her passion, no one can resist, you give her everything back.

Sylvie Crampes, iliveabroad